LUC has been commissioned to develop the Spatial Strategy for the ‘Transforming the Trent Valley’ (TTTV) partnership.

TTTV, which evolved from The Central Rivers Initiative (CRI), is a broad based partnership representing key interest groups that are working together to shape and guide the progressive restoration and revitalisation of the River Trent from the south of Derby in Derbyshire to Rugeley in Staffordshire; including parts of the River Tame and River Dove as its tributaries.

The project is currently undergoing detailed development with Staffordshire Wildlife Trust taking on the role of lead partner and a number of additional partners responsible for gathering data, engaging consultants and undertaking consultations.  This process will form the knowledge base from which a landscape partnership scheme will be built. The TTTV project is supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund.

LUC has been asked to collect a wide range of spatial information to build a comprehensive atlas of the project area. The atlas will allow the overview and examination of the key values and factors that influence the landscape. It will also act as robust evidence base for the development and delivery of individual projects across the landscape and to enable monitoring their success.

For the Partnership (made up of 20 partners), this is the first time that spatial data has been stitched together across the area regardless of administrative boundaries. Creating this data compendium will aid in the identification of opportunities and potential conflicts.

Image credit: C. Wilkinson