Photorealistic 3D visualisations of any development proposal you can plan for.

The level of detail you require for the visual representation of your site and proposed development depends upon the purpose. We can cater for every need.

Our 3D team achieves remarkable accuracy across the full range of visualisation: a simple wireframe image to indicate the potential visual impact of a wind turbine; simple massing models to indicate scale, position and visibility of structures in topographical context; or photomontages for a landscape and visual impact assessment.

We can demonstrate specific materials, lighting conditions and planting proposals which very closely replicate the constructed visual reality.

Our work is supported by:

  • an extensive library of detailed 3D energy infrastructure models for onshore and offshore renewables, grid connection and solar and tidal projects;
  • our database of UK wind developments to accurately model within a constantly evolving cumulative context;
  • in-house photographers, equipped with high-spec DSLR cameras, levelling tripods and panoramic heads, for consistent start-to-finish photomontages.

All of our photographic work and visualisations are verifiable and compliant with the latest guidance from Scottish Natural Heritage, the Landscape Institute and, where required, The Highland Council.

For photorealistic modelling and photomontages of your site and proposals – from tidal scheme to housing development – contact Kate Ahern, Sam Oxley or Diana Manson.