Forestry and woodland strategies

LUC is the market leader in developing strategic plans for new woodland in Scotland.

We’ve developed a robust approach to modelling the potential for woodland expansion and testing scenarios, using GIS and the strategic environmental assessment (SEA) process. Our strategies have become key working documents for Forestry Commission Scotland in guiding and responding to applications for grant support under the Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP). Across the Central Scotland Green Network area, SRDP funding priorities are now closely aligned to our strategies.

The purpose of our work is to help clients understand the potential for sustainable woodland expansion, making a meaningful and substantive contribution to national targets while delivering significant social, environmental and economic benefits. For local authorities, securing Elected Members’ support is crucial, and our groundwork allows officers to add optimum value to their plans and decisions.

Environmental assessment of forestry plans and proposals

We’ve also developed invaluable expertise in environmental assessment of forestry plans and proposals, specifically involving significant environmental enhancement and habitat restoration and management.

Our EIA of the Purbeck Forest Design Plan and the Latchmore Brook Wetland Restoration Scheme enabled Forestry Commission officers to test alternative approaches, engage with statutory consultees and the public, and develop high-quality restoration and habitat management schemes.

We have also worked closely with the Forestry Commission to prepare and submit planning applications for wetland restoration schemes, undertaking a number of ecological surveys including Phase 1 Habitat Surveys, National Vegetation Classification Surveys and Protected Species Surveys. Once submitted, our planners liaised closely with the local planning authority, consultees and local stakeholders, successfully guiding the applications through the planning system so that these ecologically beneficial schemes could be implemented.

For strategic insight into your forestry and woodland strategy, please contact Nick James, Philip Smith or Sarah Young.