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Development & Regeneration


Transport infrastructure

Navigating the land for major transport developments. The effect of major transport projects on the environment is a contentious area. With experience in design, environmental impact assessment and mitigation solutions, as well as reviews and expert evidence for public local inquiry, examination and select committee, we’re known for our commitment to promoting beneficial, cost-effective and [...]

Advice to the Water Industry

Keeping the water industry flowing and natural habitats thriving Scottish Water’s operations cover the length and breadth of the country, ranging from water treatment facilities to planning and developing new infrastructure. Since much of the Scottish Water asset network is located in a rural setting, its relationship with the natural environment can be complex. We’ve [...]

Oxford Brookes University

A multiple-award-winning public realm. The £134m redevelopment of Oxford Brookes University’s Headington Campus embodies the spirit of the university’s transformative ‘Space to Think’ initiative. We were appointed to design the public realm following a limited competition. Working as part of the masterplanning team, we were faced with incoherent, straight-jacketed architecture, poor legibility and outdoor space, [...]

Testing Spatial Options for Housing Delivery

Identifying sustainable patterns of growth. All local planning authorities have a duty to deliver long term sustainable growth through their Local Plans.  Independent expertise can help uncover the opportunities. We help local authorities develop strategic spatial options to accommodate their unmet development needs in the short, medium and long-term. We start by assessing the capacity [...]

Century Park, Shanghai

Masterplanning a new public park to see China into the 21st century. Following an international design competition for a new park that would form the centrepiece of Shanghai’s financial district, Pudong, we were appointed masterplanner for the realisation of the concept. The design includes major new landforms and bodies of water to ameliorate Shanghai’s occasionally [...]

Lynton to Barnstaple Railway EIA

Lynton to Barnstaple Railway EIA. When Lynton & Barnstable Railway Trust wanted to reinstate 4.4 miles of active track, we were appointed by its representatives, Geo & Co, to provide ecological, landscape design, planning and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) services to support the planning proposals. The railway lies within the western part of Exmoor National [...]

Landscape Sensitivity and Capacity Studies

Assessing landscape sensitivity and capacity for future development. LUC has long been at the forefront of assessing landscape sensitivity and capacity. We prepare guidance and carry out feasibility and sensitivity studies for all types of developments, including on and offshore renewables, minerals and landfill, housing and urban extensions. Our commitment to honest, incisive exploration of [...]

Inverness City Centre Streetscape

Reclaiming the urban landscape for its most valuable users – pedestrians. The Inverness city centre streetscape project transformed the historic core of Inverness through comprehensive public realm enhancements, including traffic calming, a public art programme and new lighting. The central objectives were to improve the pedestrian environment and make the city centre safe again. Our [...]

Housing & the Historic Environment

The impact of large-scale housing development on England’s historic environment. Historic England (then English Heritage) was concerned that larger-scale housing development had negatively affected the historic environment over the last decade. Our planning and heritage specialists were tasked with investigating. Using case files, consultation responses and decisions, we aimed to better understand: whether existing guidance, [...]

Measuring local progress in climate adaptation

The National Adaptation Programme (NAP) assigns local government the responsibility for helping districts adapt to climate risk, with priorities being raising awareness, building capacity and promoting action on climate change. The Committee on Climate Change is monitoring NAP implementation and reporting to Parliament. We were commissioned, in partnership with JBA Consulting, to find out how [...]