Often development programmes can’t avoid the most ecologically sensitive seasons.  Every developer has been there.  With a fresh planning consent in hand, contractors are commissioned to commence works, only to be thwarted by an obstinate blackbird nesting defiantly in the most awkward part of the site.

Standard mitigation measures recommend against vegetation clearance during breeding bird season, April – August, which, unhelpfully, coincides with dry weather and ideal conditions to get construction underway.   What’s a developer to do?

With spring now underway, LUC’s Ecological Clerks of Works have been helping development stay on track at sensitive sites.  For example, our team is working with the Caledonian Water Alliance to provide ecological support during the construction of an extensive new water main in Ayrshire.  The project passes through woodland, watercourses and hedgerows, so our ecologists are rolling up their sleeves and helping contractors weave their way around the many ecological features.

Contact us on ecology@landuse.co.uk to find out how we can get your project up and running this spring.