Our Principal Ecologist, Juli Titherington MEECW, is excited to be delivering a workshop at the Association of Environmental and Ecological Clerks of Works (AEECoW) Inaugural Spring Conference, later this month.  AEECoW is proud to announce the conference is being supported and sponsored by Scottish Natural Heritage.

Juli will be working alongside our Principal GIS Analyst, Edith Lendak, on the workshop entitled “Emerging Technology”, which will look at the ways emerging technology can improve the efficiency and accuracy of ECoW work. Steve Jackson-Matthews, our Director of Ecology, will also be delivering an afternoon workshop on “Environmental Clerk of Works (ECoWs) and the Law”.

This year’s conference will be held in Glasgow, on 30 March 2017, and will focus on Developing Best Practice and Awareness”; it will draw on and develop some of the key issues raised by members over the past three years.

The annual conference, hosted at the IET Teacher Building in St. Enoch Square, is open to both members and non-members. For more information and to book a place, visit the AEECoW website for instructions.

Background information on AEECoW

The Association of Environmental and Ecological Clerks of Works is the qualifying body for Environmental and Ecological Clerks of Works (ECoWs). AEECoW has been developed to raise professional standards amongst those providing ECoW services whilst promoting ECoWs as valuable members of site development teams.

The organisation was founded by a group of professional consultants who felt the role of the ECoW needed better understanding in the industry and by regulators – they included our own Director of Ecology, Steve Jackson-Matthews.  AEECoW also provides support and training for ECoWs of all experiences and disciplines.

Going from strength to strength, AEECoW launched its first publication, “Environmental Clerk of Works – Good Practice Guidelines for Planning Authorities”, last year, which has been endorsed and supported by Scottish Natural Heritage.