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Lynton to Barnstaple Railway EIA

Lynton to Barnstaple Railway EIA. When Lynton & Barnstable Railway Trust wanted to reinstate 4.4 miles of active track, we were appointed by its representatives, Geo & Co, to provide ecological, landscape design, planning and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) services to support the planning proposals. The railway lies within the western part of Exmoor National [...]

Guidance and EIA Review

Supporting development management through EIA review. The aim of Environmental Impact Assessment reviews is to make sure that Environmental Statements (ESs) contain sufficient robust information for consenting authorities to make informed decisions on applications. We’ve undertaken more than 100 individual reviews for local planning authorities. Our work provides an independent stamp of approval for the ES [...]

Routeing and Assessment of Major Grid and Electrical Infrastructure

Planning and assessing routes for electrical transmission infrastructure. The routeing of electricity transmission infrastructure, particularly overhead lines, is a complex process, requiring a balance between engineering requirements, economic viability, and the environment.  These projects generate considerable public interest, particularly in relation to local concerns such as visual amenity. We carry out routeing studies to identify [...]

Onshore Renewable Energy

Tailored environmental and planning advice for new energy development Our expertise on renewable energy extends across all project stages from site selection, through Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), to implementation.  We advise many of the UK’s leading renewable energy developers, offering comprehensive support on projects across the UK.  We have considerable experience of wind, solar and [...]

Offshore Renewables Planning & Assessment

Offshore Renewable Energy – achieving the right result Demand for offshore renewables is growing. Wind, wave and tidal energy schemes require Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) including specialist seascape, landscape and visual impact assessment (SLVIA). Onshore components may also require EIA and can face planning challenges. LUC is an expert in EIA, SLVIA and the preparation [...]


Identifying, analysing and selecting suitable sites for minerals and waste projects demands a broad skills base and considerable expertise. LUC has a long-established reputation in landscape feasibility, as well as landscape and visual impact assessment for a variety of mineral and extraction projects. Our involvement covers the entire project lifecycle, from environmental considerations during site [...]

Transport infrastructure

Navigating the land for major transport developments. The effect of major transport projects on the environment is a contentious area. With experience in design, environmental impact assessment and mitigation solutions, as well as reviews and expert evidence for public local inquiry, examination and select committee, we’re known for our commitment to promoting beneficial, cost-effective and [...]

Advice to the Water Industry

Keeping the water industry flowing and natural habitats thriving Scottish Water’s operations cover the length and breadth of the country, ranging from water treatment facilities to planning and developing new infrastructure. Since much of the Scottish Water asset network is located in a rural setting, its relationship with the natural environment can be complex. We’ve [...]

Housing & the Historic Environment

The impact of large-scale housing development on England’s historic environment. Historic England (then English Heritage) was concerned that larger-scale housing development had negatively affected the historic environment over the last decade. Our planning and heritage specialists were tasked with investigating. Using case files, consultation responses and decisions, we aimed to better understand: whether existing guidance, [...]

Waste Planning

Proper planning for waste management With demanding targets for recycling, reduced capacity for landfill, changes in national policy and near-inevitable local opposition to waste disposal sites, waste planning is a logistically and diplomatically challenging task for local authorities. We’ve been retained by a number of waste planning authorities to estimate future waste capacity requirements, identify [...]