Six renewable energy projects, that were supported by LUC, are among the 12 that have secured Contracts for Difference (CfD) in the current Allocation Round 3.

CfDs are the UK government’s main mechanism for supporting low-carbon electricity generation. Projects in the current allocation have secured contracts to sell the power they will generate at record-low prices.

This round has focused on ‘less established technologies’, which includes offshore wind farms and those on remote islands. Having CfDs in place means that these important green energy projects have the financial security to go forward to construction.

LUC supported the development of both Druim Leathann and Muaitheabhal wind farms on the Isle of Lewis. Here we provided EIA, landscape and visual assessment (LVIA) and ecology services. The four Dogger Bank offshore wind farms (Creyke Beck A & B, Teesside and Sofia) were also supported by our LVIA experts, who provided advice on both the offshore and onshore elements of the projects. We continue our involvement with Dogger Bank Creyke Beck, assisting with the discharge of planning requirements in anticipation of construction starting in spring of 2020.

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