LUC is committed to supporting our clients at this difficult time. However, we must follow emerging Government advice in relation to the current Coronavirus pandemic and protect the wellbeing of our colleagues.

Following the significant restrictions announced by the UK and Scottish Governments in relation to ‘non-essential’ travel, LUC initially suspended all field and site work. However as further guidance emerged, we have re-commenced field and site work in very particular circumstances, with colleague safety at the heart of our decision-making. The steps we took were set out in subsequent iterations of our Field & Site Work Position Statement, each initiated by regular reviews by the LUC Management Board.

This, the 8th iteration of our Position Statement, addresses continued efforts by both the UK and Scottish Governments to relax restrictions. The position described below draws on statements made by both the UK and Scottish Governments prior to, and on, 18th June and relates to the ‘phased’ approach described by both governments. The UK and Scottish Governments have taken different approaches to phased recovery, our understanding of each is set out below.

Read our latest Coronavirus and Field and Site Work Position Statement.