LUC helped to define GreenArc‘s vision for the North East area of London between 2003 and 2004 with the slogan ‘Bringing the big outdoors closer to everyone’. We then went on to provide recommendations on management, implementation and funding of the initiative.

LUC was thrilled to be invited to a conference hosted by GreenArc last week, not only because of our previous involvement in this strategic initiative, but also because of our current Green Belt assessment work for London boroughs and neighbouring district councils in Essex, Bedfordshire and Kent.

Entitled ‘Planning for London’s Green Doughnut’, the conference encouraged collaboration on a regional approach to maximizing the ecosystem services of the land around London (much of it Green Belt).

LUC Associate Director, Rebecca Knight said:

“Thank you to the organisers for a very well organised and stimulating day.  LUC looks forward to continuing to play a part in this important initiative, noting the increased emphasis on the need to enhance the environmental benefits of Green Belts.”

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