We are proud to announce that the Isle of Canna Renewable Energy and Electrification Project, for which LUC conducted the Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, has won the Scottish Green Energy’s Best Community Project Award.

The ceremony took place at the EICC where other awards such as the Sustainable Development Award and Carbon Reduction Award were also announced.

The winning Isle of Canna project established a new community-owned renewable electricity system on the Isles of Canna and Sanday. Before residents were using expensive and difficult to maintain diesel generators to supply power.  Now, with thanks to the project, they are using more cost effective and less maintenance solar PVs and wind turbines.

The system is owned and run by the new enterprise Canna Renewable Energy and Electrification Ltd (CREEL). This has resulted in lower power costs and enables the island to run on up to 100% renewable energy.

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