LUC’s Ecologists are undertaking a review of Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs) in The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames.

The work will give Kingston Council up-to-date information on existing SINCs and recommendations on any revisions required to their status and boundaries.

The work includes an assessment of other potential areas of land that could be awarded SINC status, to ensure Kingston’s most important wildlife sites are identified and protected.

Findings from the review will inform relevant planning policies in the emerging new Local Plan, ensuring that these sites are protected and negative impacts on sensitive biodiversity areas are avoided wherever possible. The review will also inform the preparation of the council’s Biodiversity Action Plan, supporting the effective management and enhancement of important wildlife sites.

A SINC designation raises awareness of a site’s importance for wildlife and biodiversity, particularly with regards to planning and land management decisions, and helps ensure they are protected by the planning system.

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