LUC’s Green Belt assessment work escalates

LUC’s Planning team is pleased to have won multiple pieces of Green Belt assessment work recently.

We have been commissioned to undertake Green Belt studies for the London Borough of Barnet and Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council. In addition we are continuing our Green Belt work for the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Shropshire, Bournemouth and Oxford City Council.

LUC is the market leader in undertaking Green Belt assessments on behalf of local authorities and over the past few years, we have developed a robust methodology to assess the potential ‘harm’ of releasing specific development sites from the Green Belt. These studies are increasingly forming a key component of the evidence base for Council’s Local Plan reviews, in the face of the need to meet significant shortfalls in housing provision.

In the light of the Draft National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), our team of Green Belt experts are also advising Councils on the ways the impact of removing land from the Green Belt can be offset through compensatory improvements to the environmental quality and accessibility of remaining Green Belt land.  This work is drawing on our long established core skills in landscape design, green infrastructure, recreation and ecology.

Our team of Green Belt experts includes a number of GIS specialists who are able to quickly develop bespoke databases to support the collation, presentation and analysis of huge volumes of information collected through fieldwork or desk-based research.

For more information about our Green Belt work, talk to Sarah Young

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