LUC’s Director of Planning, Sarah Young, is delighted to be a confirmed speaker at this year’s Planning for Climate Change conference, organised by Westminster Briefing.

The conference, which is titled “Preparing, Adapting & Responding Locally” will provide a comprehensive overview of current policy and best practice when it comes to planning for and mitigating climate change.

The briefing will take place on August 29 in Central London and will address these key issues:

  • Legal and policy requirements for local authorities and other stakeholders to mitigate against and adapt to climate change
  • Impact of the revised National Planning Policy Framework
  • Guidance on plan-making for adaptation to and mitigation against climate change
  • Planning for and developing green infrastructure
  • Development in areas subject to flood risk or coastal erosion
  • Good practice in mitigating against climate change
  • Innovative approaches that can contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and improving energy efficiency
  • Identifying suitable areas for renewable energy generation and its supporting infrastructure
  • Barriers to effective local action and how to overcome them

Feel free to get in contact with Sarah Young for further information on LUC’s work on renewable energy and climate change.