Collaboration will deliver the right homes in the right places

Greater collaboration between the public and private sectors is paramount to address the chronic shortage of affordable and sustainable housing in Greater Manchester.

The region is facing an unprecedented crisis in the housing sector with city leaders arguing that Greater Manchester is at one of the most pivotal points in its history in terms of housing, planning policy and delivery.

However, it is not just about building new houses. It is about creating well-designed, good quality, affordable housing in places where people want to live, with good transport links, schools and outside spaces with access to nature. Perhaps above all, it is about creating attractive communities where people feel safe and secure knowing that their families can prosper.

There is no doubt that radical change is needed as to how we address the housing crisis. Manchester’s Mayor Andy Burnham has suggested that the ‘developer-led approach’ has failed to provide the mix of housing that young people and those on low incomes so desperately need.

Therefore, it is crucial that we involve everyone from local authorities, developers, funders and most importantly local communities to create constructive, trusting and long-lasting partnerships to find innovative solutions to create sustainable communities for the future.

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