LUC is delighted to see that the Edinburgh BioQuarter Partners are moving forward with their programme to develop a world-leading Health Innovation District within Edinburgh. The Partners have published a PIN notification in the Official Journal of the European Union indicating their intention to procure a joint venture partner to invest in and accelerate the development of Edinburgh BioQuarter.

The £1 billion transformation project will deliver a multi-use neighbourhood of residential and commercial properties on a 167-acre site south-east of Edinburgh City Centre. The development will create a community of over 20,000 people and aims to provide over 9,000 new long-term jobs. So far over £500 million of capital has been invested at Edinburgh BioQuarter, with a further £300 million of capital investments planned for the next five years for buildings, infrastructure and specialist equipment.

LUC is working with Oberlanders Architects to develop a masterplan proposal for the extension of the Edinburgh BioQuarter. The proposal aims to establish a landscape and public realm context that will support the creation of a new neighbourhood and the needs of its 21st century occupants, both now and in the future.

The masterplan allocates more space to commercial innovation accommodation and residential, with proposals for a new central park, events square and travel hub. A key component of the design is the use of existing mature trees to form a green spine through the Linear Park. There is more emphasis on broadening the mix of space used to provide more evening and weekend activities. These key development principles aim to create a vibrant and active area to enhance the sense of community and provide greater opportunities to encourage collaborations – where new ideas are born. Other key development principles are connectivity and sensitivity to the local area, encouraging the use of public transport, walking and cycling over the use of cars and considering the height of buildings to ensure no disruption to the views of the local landscape.

We look forward to continuing our work with the design team to develop a masterplan proposal for this exciting new development.

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