Ecology survey season underway

The leaves have started to bud and the birds are singing.  It can only mean one thing – the ecology survey season has begun! LUC’s UK-wide ecologists are currently commencing another busy year of protected species surveys, providing crucial information to inform planning applications for a wide range of developments.

In Scotland, our Glasgow-based team is providing protected species support on a number of Scottish Water projects.  Delivering and managing otter and badger disturbance licences, our ecologists are enabling  the development of some of Scottish Water’s most exciting infrastructure projects. Our licenced bat surveyors are also delivering a number of bat surveys, including ongoing support during redevelopment at the University of Glasgow.

Our London team is also undertaking a wide range of protected species surveys, including those required to inform a planning application for a large-scale and ambitious housing development in Hampshire. We’re also at the forefront of applying a new Great Crested Newt survey method which relies on DNA sampling; potentially a quicker and more cost effective way to characterise newt populations.

As the protected species survey season runs between April and September, now is the perfect time to talk to us about your site and the surveys you need.  You can reach our ecologists via, by calling any of our offices or by dropping in for a chat.

Survey season demystified with our survey calendar

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