Landscape Planning & Assessment

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Our landscape planners are experts in understanding and assessing landscape and the pressures upon it. We promote a landscape-led approach to managing change in both urban and rural environments, recognising the range of benefits and ecosystem services that landscape can provide.

We undertake research to underpin policy and are engaged in thinking about the future of our agricultural landscapes including rural policy and monitoring change. We bring a rounded approach to our clients: preparing evidence for statutory bodies and local planning authorities as well as feasibility studies and strategies for developers.

We carry out robust and defensible landscape and visual impact assessments, working alongside the development of design proposals. Our expertise in this area has been upheld through scrutiny at public inquiry. We are well known for our thought leadership and we pass this on through training and advice to others.

We create high-quality supporting visuals in-house, integrating GIS and 3D modelling to explore scenarios and ensure a common understanding of schemes.

Landscape Planning & Assessment Services

  • Landscape, townscape & seascape character assessment
  • Landscape sensitivity & capacity studies
  • Development feasibility, LVIA & photomontage
  • Independent review & expert witness
  • Planning and management of designated landscapes
  • Design guidance and mitigation
  • Rural policy and research
  • Green infrastructure strategies

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To talk to us about Landscape Planning & Assessment please contact Sam Oxley

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