LUC’s Director of Planning, Taran Livingston, is set to deliver an RTPI masterclass on Sustainability Appraisal this week.

Taran is an expert in Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), Sustainability Appraisal (SA) and Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA). She has worked on over 30 SAs and 15 HRAs of all types of development plans since the introduction of statutory requirements for SA/SEA and HRA.

The CPD day will look at current practice and key challenges for SA/SEA within the UK. Taran will cover recent legal judgements on SA/SEA and HRA, as well as statements made by planning inspectors in regards to the role of SA/SEA, and updated guidance on these assessments.

Taran looks forward to shedding light on the SA/SEA and HRA process, legal requirements and current issues.

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