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LUC is a planning, impact assessment, landscape design and ecology consultancy with expertise across a broad
cross-section of environmental disciplines

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  • LUC attended the GreenArc event. Credit: LUC

LUC delighted to contribute to GreenArc’s vision for the London City Region

LUC helped to define GreenArc's vision for the North East area of London between 2003 and 2004 with the slogan 'Bringing the big outdoors closer to everyone'. We then went on to provide recommendations [...]

  • LUC Director and Planner Kate Ahern spoke at the Valuing Nature Conference on marine planning. Credit: LUC

LUC presents marine planning poster at Valuing Nature conference

LUC’s Director of Landscape Planning Kate Ahern spent two days at the Valuing Nature conference at the University of Kent where she presented a poster on our work in ecosystem services and how landscape [...]

  • LUC staff have been offered promotions. Credit: LUC

LUC awards promotions to 22 employees

During this year’s annual round of promotions, LUC is proud to have offered 22 employees more senior positions within the company. Various employees from the Ecology, GIS & Visualisation, Landscape [...]

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