Over 50 years of making a difference to the world we live in

In 1966 Max Nicholson, eminent environmentalist and former Director General of the Nature Conservancy, established Land Use Consultants – the UK’s first multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy. Uniting the previously fiercely independent professions of landscape architecture, town planning and architecture was a bold move towards joined-up environmental thinking. This collaboration of disciplines and skills remains a critical part of LUC’s DNA and is central to the way we work.

While the diversity of our projects has multiplied since the 1960s, the values underpinning our work are undiminished. We want all our work to make a difference – delivering better outcomes for our clients, for communities and the environment. We work in partnership with our clients, stakeholders and other professionals, recognising that collaboration is both essential and rewarding. Innovation remains front and centre as we respond to new challenges, our clients’ changing needs and the opportunities presented by new technologies.

These high aspirations demand real commitment and professionalism among our staff, and intelligence and creativity in the way that we approach and deliver projects for our clients.

Whilst celebrating our history, we are also looking to the future and LUC’s role in the next 50 years. We’re working on the challenges of accommodating a growing population, meeting the need for housing, making the northern powerhouse a reality and continuing to decarbonise the economy whilst managing our environmental assets, improving people’s quality of life and responding to a changing climate.

Our skilled and experienced team, remarkable and diverse track record, and rich and unparalleled heritage make us uniquely placed to help our clients, communities and environment rise to these challenges.

My work is closely linked to my passions and interests. Hillwalking and photography are big hobbies of mine. As an ecologist I get to go to some really stunningly beautiful places off the beaten track. There are days I feel bad being paid for what I do on my holidays anyway.
Sophie Punteney
I have worked at LUC for the past 14 years, and as well as the rewarding and interesting work we do for a range of clients across the country, it is the friendly, professional and supportive working environment that has kept me here – LUC is like my second family!
Taran Livingston
Being an Ecologist at LUC has allowed me to combine work with my passion for nature. It has enabled me to provide positive benefits for our wildlife by influencing colleagues and clients through the planning process. I also get to work with a bunch of passionate, fun and talented people.
David Green
I’ve always wanted to apply my GIS skills in the environmental sector and LUC has given me the opportunity to do this by working on a broad range of project work spanning various environmental disciplines. LUC is full of enthusiastic and hard-working people who strive to produce the best possible outcomes for their clients.
Victoria Goosen
LUC values strongly align with my own and it is great to work at a place where my passion for ecology can be nurtured via so many exciting projects. To be a part of a company where for many their passion is their work is a wonderful opportunity.
Rebecca Turner
I have always regarded LUC as the quintessential planning and environmental consultancy, representing a wide variety of services and sectors. I have always aspired to work with LUC for this very reason and now here I am. I look forward to growing with LUC in the future.
Nick Brown
LUC offers me the opportunity to work on a variety of exciting and stimulating projects in a creative setting within a team of talented people. This collaborative working environment helps me practice in the dynamic and exciting world of Landscape Architecture, while being constantly exposed to new ways of working and thinking.
Mark Fisk
Analysis, creation, communication.
Head, heart and soul – here lies the core of landscape design’s appeal; a balance of science and art; information and intuition.

And why LUC? Because it provides a seedbed for ideas, supports growth, fosters independence and tolerates diversity of people and projects.

A unique environment, to be proud of and protected.

Richard Hannay
LUC’s projects appeal to my holistic nature, looking at all the components of a landscape in order to preserve, protect and promote places which inspire people. Getting to research and visit these places, as well as discovering new ones is the best part of my job!
Maria Grant
As my first ‘proper’ job out of university I had no idea what the reality of a job in landscape architecture would entail! I was instantly put at ease by LUC’s friendly office atmosphere and values in line with my own. I can see now why the company boasts so many long standing employees!
Liv Chilton
I was initially attracted to LUC by their range of projects, which hinted at a genuine passion for sustainable development. I haven’t been disappointed, but better even than the projects has been the pleasure of working with such talented and friendly colleagues across a wide range of disciplines, which has kept me here ever since!
Jonathan Pearson
Scottish mountains, tiny islands, Welsh forests, Cornish beaches, vast floodplains, open moorland, coastal cliffs, sheltered harbours, national parks, ancient woodland, abandoned airfields, famous landmarks, waterways and cycleways, highways and railways. As a landscape planner at LUC, I love the diversity of my workload, and the many places it takes me.
Gwen Wilkie