See your landscapes and proposals from every angle

Our 3D specialists use industry-leading 3D modelling software to model 3D environments and create animations. The results can take the shape of anything from walk-throughs or fly-throughs of proposed developments, to animations that highlight changes to a landscape over a period of time.

We typically create our highly detailed 3D models and fully rendered animations using a combination of AutoCAD & 3ds Max. We also use Topos, SketchUp and Google Earth when you need a faster and more cost-effective approach, particularly if the animation needs to consider the wider geographic context. We can create interactive 3D models that can be explored online.

We also use ArcGIS Pro to visualise 3D GIS data, which is particularly useful when various layers of information need to be visualised. Because we’re continually trying to provide our clients, project stakeholders and communities with the very best experience and most accurate, realistic visualisations, we’ve been testing augmented reality software to visualise 3D models too.

For interactive, 3D visualisation of your proposed scheme or existing site, please contact Diana Manson or Sam Oxley.