Keeping the water industry flowing and natural habitats thriving

Scottish Water’s operations cover the length and breadth of the country, ranging from water treatment facilities to planning and developing new infrastructure.

Since much of the Scottish Water asset network is located in a rural setting, its relationship with the natural environment can be complex. We’ve been providing extensive ecological support to Scottish Water since 2012; a relationship aided by pragmatic advice and rapid country-wide mobilisation. We also provide landscape services, such as the landscape management plan for the new Glasgow water treatment works at Milngavie, and landscape and visual impact assessment for new or upgraded facilities.

We routinely provide detailed protected species survey and licensing support across the country, allowing Scottish Water to maintain and develop its facilities in line with statutory obligations. We carry out ecological assessments, ranging from ecological constraints analysis for small refurbishment projects to detailed habitat regulation assessments for works in particularly sensitive areas.

We also work extensively with water companies elsewhere in the UK, for instance undertaking Environmental Impact Assessment, including landscape and visual impact assessment work and creating the landscape masterplan for the £1.1bn Thames Water ‘Super Reservoir’ in Abingdon, and undertaking the same services for Deephams Sewage Treatment works in London.  Our landscape mitigation and design proposals are critical to the success of such projects.

If you need environmental or planning advice for water related infrastructure, please contact Jon Grantham, Steve Jackson-MatthewsSam Oxley or Diana Manson.