Putting data at your fingertips.

A well-built database makes for better data analysis and presentation – helping you to see the bigger picture.

We customise databases to your particular project requirements. We usually use Access, integrated with GIS to analyse data in the most appropriate format – either through the database itself or accessed via GIS. We also develop online databases for collating, searching and presenting data; our South Pennines Wind Energy Database (SPWED) being a recent SQLite example.

Our databases often underpin work such as site audits. Our GIS-enabled tablets allow field surveyors to enter detailed survey data on-site, saving time back at the office.

Data presentation matters, so for work such as sustainability appraisals, green belt reviews, green infrastructure audits or open space audits, our custom-built databases can integrate GPS-linked photos and site maps, creating attractive and concise proforma reports. It’s this skill set that means some National Trust Estates now have a digital gazetteer for every historic and archaeological asset.

We can turn your spreadsheets into a more functional and robust database so you get more out of your data.

If you think you’d benefit from an effective tool to manage your assets long into the future, please contact Diana Manson.