Where contextual understanding matters as much as design skills

Thoughtful graphic design helps to get your message across quickly and effectively. We use a range of software programs to visualise often complex designs, ideas and concepts. It’s a critical skill in securing the approval of plans by relevant authorities.

Our graphic design team develops eye-catching and engaging documentation, brochures, leaflets, interpretation boards, display panels for public consultations, and document/report desktop publishing. We work in a variety of formats, from paper to digital and online, and can produce a one-off or a branded suite of documents to match your requirements.

Our in-house team collaborates with each department on projects and works independently directly for clients. We provide:

  • infographics
  • desktop publishing
  • consultation boards
  • brochures
  • interpretation boards
  • interactive presentations
  • interactive PDFs
  • maps produced by our in-house GIS and mapping team.

Our work includes the design of Lee Valley Regional Park Authority proposals maps, a suite of materials to engage the community as part of the Kent Coastal Communities study; and the first full and detailed account, including mapping, of the London green belt.

For graphic design input from people who truly understand the context, please contact Diana Manson.