The need for up-to-date local plans, combined with the housing growth agenda and government reinforcement of Green Belt policy, means local authorities are actively reviewing their green belts.

Our involvement in Green Belt policy development and review is unparalleled. In 1993 we undertook a Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) study for the London Planning Advisory Committee, which informed strategic planning guidance. Our research for the Countryside Commission led to the inclusion of ‘positive roles’, as well as restrictive ones, in National Planning Policy Guidance on Green Belts.

We’ve since helped formulate Green Belt enhancement initiatives and advised developers and local authorities across the country on Green Belt development, as well as independent Green Belt reviews.

Dozens of local authorities across the UK are benefiting from our independent Green Belt expertise, including the five Oxfordshire local authorities, the ten Greater Manchester authorities and a consortium of six authorities in the West Midlands.

‘A study that others looking for examples of best practice can rely upon.’ Daniel Robinson, planning policy officer, Warwick District Council

For green belt expertise, please contact Philip Smith, Nick James, Sarah Young or Jon Pearson.