We have considerable expertise in undertaking Green Infrastructure (GI) audits for a range of clients, including GI audits for 15 Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in London. BIDs are established to improve their local area to the benefit of businesses and local residents. Additionally, we work with Housing Associations to identify environmental enhancements and provide multi-functional green spaces for their residents, and to support local adaptation to climate change.

We advise at all scales, from site-specific GI delivery plans to county-wide GI assessments. GI strategies and guidance documents we’ve prepared at a sub-regional level include Cannock Chase, South East Dorset, and Cheshire East. District-scale GI plans we’ve produced for local authorities include Harlow, Arun, Thetford, North Hertfordshire, Taunton, Worcestershire, Lambeth and Greenwich. As well as developing GI and open space strategies for Local Authorities, we work with councils to integrate green infrastructure principles within emerging Local Plans.

LUC also produced the national GI guidance for Natural England, which informs their approach to GI planning and delivery, and provides GI guidance to the National Trust. 

Our in-house GIS team collates the data for our audits, ensuring a streamlined, cost effective approach and high quality, user friendly outputs. We assess the distribution of existing green infrastructure in terms of population, accessibility and areas of deficiency and include recommendations for improving accessibility. We assess the potential for features such as street trees and green roofs and provide recommendations for these.

LUC is also involved in high-level GI planning and delivery; providing advice to the GLA Environment Team on priorities for Green Infrastructure Task Force in relation to the London Infrastructure Plan 2050 and exploring the funding issues faced by GI managers, designing and delivering a pilot study with Bristol City Council as part of the Nesta Rethinking Parks initiative.

For specialist GI advice please contact Philip Smith, Peter Lawrence or Emma Luke.