Planning was originally borne out of public health legislation and recent years have seen a resurgence of interest in the health benefits of good planning and design.

Our planners have been engaged in ‘health checking’ planning policies, and developing policy responses to fast food takeaways.  We also consider health as an important element of sustainability appraisal and the strategic environmental assessment of development plans. We assist with the planning and delivery of new green infrastructure and open space, and coordinate planning applications for new mixed-use developments, including housing and education, taking account of health issues.

Our landscape design team ensures that whatever sector project we’re working on – healthcare, education, housing, commercial or play spaces – external space actively supports healthier outcomes. We’ve completed more than 30 projects to encourage walking and cycling, many with explicit objectives relating to health and wellbeing.

We have particular expertise in bespoke play design. We’ve recently teamed up with the Camden Clinical Commissioning Group to redesign school playgrounds and tackle rising rates of childhood obesity. Activity levels are being monitored before and after the new playgrounds were in place and results will form part of a paper to be published in the British Medical Journal.

For advice on planning and design for health, and to find out the results of the Camden study, please contact Jeremy OwenPhilip Smith or Jennette Emery-Wallis.