Your entire area on your desktop or smartphone.

An interactive map allows you or your audience to explore geographic data in a meaningful and effective way. We draw on open source technology and Mappetizer software to create fully functional online maps that people really enjoy using.

Using interactive features in web-based GIS maps mean that users can turn layers on or off, zoom in to specific areas and interrogate the data behind it.

We produce ArcReader projects, so you can explore your own GIS data without the need for desktop GIS, and update it using custom-built databases. At the most basic level, our interactive PDFs allow readers to click quickly between a document’s maps.

Our award-winning interactive web-based atlas for the Cornwall AONB allowed anybody, from partners to local residents, to learn about the different landscapes of the AONB and their impact on them.

We also develop custom tools to collect data from stakeholders online or via mobile devices, encouraging community participation in consultation events. These have been particularly successful for open space strategies and landscape character assessments.

One example is the National Character Area (NCA) Indicators and Thresholds Mapping Tool we developed for Natural England, which brings together and displays the results of numerous research studies so that decision-makers are better informed when developing policies. Another is our South Pennines Wind Energy Mapping Tool which displays data captured through an online database.

“The Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership is delighted with the new Cornwall AONB Atlas. […] It gives us a superb evidence base on which to base policy and activity within the new plan and a tool with which we can really measure change. […] Not only that, it’s accessible and easy to use for local people and professionals from a wide range of backgrounds.” Colette Holden, Cornwall AONB Partnership Manager

“having easy access to the valuable NCA Threshold results, in a way that quickly presents them in clear national and NCA maps as well as allowing more detailed interrogation of the data and evidence, has been extremely beneficial.” Natural England

For help bringing your local area to life with interactive mapping, please contact Diana Manson.