Reclaiming the urban landscape for its most valuable users – pedestrians.

The Inverness city centre streetscape project transformed the historic core of Inverness through comprehensive public realm enhancements, including traffic calming, a public art programme and new lighting.

The central objectives were to improve the pedestrian environment and make the city centre safe again. Our approach was to create new civic spaces and reactivate spaces which had become neglected or lost to traffic. Our streetscape proposals also highlighted the city centre’s landmark buildings to give them the appreciation they deserve.

Our designers’ scheme addressed a variety of urban spaces, including the main Victorian shopping streets and squares, pre-Victorian lanes and closes, and part of the riverside. The design responds to the different characteristics of these spaces at the same time as accommodating traffic management changes.

We used materials such as Caithness slab and granite setts create new pavements and civic spaces, complemented by bespoke furniture, signage, street lighting and ornamental lighting.

For the integrated public artworks, we engaged artist Matt Baker, who coordinated an exciting public arts programme involving many Highland artists, which responded to the local culture and landscape.

For imaginative yet always sensitive input into urban landscape design, please contact Martin Tabor or Duncan McLean.