Improving access and usability within Richmond Park

The Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park includes spectacular woodland gardens, particularly in the late spring when the gardens are a multi-coloured mass of flowering azaleas and rhododendrons. As with all manmade elements, the time came when the existing road surfaces, pathways and other amenities needed upgrading.

We were appointed lead designers on this HLF-funded project to improve access, just one of a large number of projects we’ve completed for The Royal Parks.

The project has improved the road and path surfaces, improved signage and added an accessible toilet block and shelter.  The new toilet needed to work without mains sewerage, so we used non flushable toilets and waterless urinals to minimise waste and the carbon impact of its removal, powered by a waste-wood-fuelled boiler.

We also installed a new irrigation system using existing lake water, de-silted three ponds in the Plantation and expanded the largest. Streams have been enhanced with waterfalls and flow constrictors, which will help improve biodiversity.

The successful project actively involved the local community in design and volunteering, and provided two apprenticeships within The Royal Parks Apprenticeship scheme.

The project won awards in 2015 from the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) and the Richmond Society.

To improve the form, function and health of a landscape project on any scale, please contact Jennette Emery-Wallis or John Adams.