Assessing landscape sensitivity and capacity for future development.

LUC has long been at the forefront of assessing landscape sensitivity and capacity. We prepare guidance and carry out feasibility and sensitivity studies for all types of developments, including on and offshore renewables, minerals and landfill, housing and urban extensions.

Our commitment to honest, incisive exploration of options and outcomes means that our teams are called upon by developers, local authorities, national government and statutory bodies time and again.

LUC’s work on the sensitivity of the Welsh coast and seascape informed the Welsh Assembly Government response to the deployment of tidal stream devices around the Welsh coastline. This project won the 2012 Landscape Institute Award for Strategic Landscape Planning, with the judges commenting: “This is a pioneering study of national significance, which has developed a comprehensive and intelligent set of criteria that bring clarity to a complex and uncharted set of issues.”

We’ve been particularly busy with sensitivity and capacity studies for strategic housing land assessments; potential mineral and waste sites; and for onshore wind energy and solar farms. We are frequently tasked with addressing complex cumulative issues, for example a study, Cumulative Effects: Building a Natural England Approach to Landscape Change, to develop Natural England’s approach to cumulative landscape and visual effects.

If you would like to better understand your district in terms of its potential and limitations, please contact Kate Ahern, Sam Oxley, Rebecca Knight or Diana Manson.