Masterplanning a complex greenfield development

LUC is the masterplanner and landscape architect behind this new hospital outside Enniskillen in Northern Ireland. This was an immensely complex project, integrating extensive development into a sensitive context whilst minimising environmental impacts.

The role of landscape in most hospital projects is usually cosmetic. But one of the key drivers for the new Enniskillen hospital was to maximise the landscape opportunities provided by the attractive greenfield site.

As masterplanners and landscape architect we needed to consider everything from site legibility to security, parking to ecology. Highlights include the 400m-long linear gardens – a birch woodland forming the spine of the hospital. We had all surface water run-off filtered and diverted into a lake, used local natural hard materials and created local species-rich meadows.

The ecologically-informed landscape design is sensitive to both the complex operational needs of a large hospital, and the very high expectations in terms of planning, landscape and biodiversity. The result is a deceptively simple but rich environment which makes its presence felt in every aspect of the healing process.

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