Making the case for preserving public expenditure on public parks

The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has invested significantly in restoring, enhancing and maintaining public parks and, with financial cuts a possibility, was keen that its investment so far wouldn’t be placed at risk. The organisation needed to raise awareness of the negative impacts of cutting public funding.

Our landscape management team has a long history of working on HLF projects. So when the HLF needed to create a brief for a follow-on study on the state of the UK’s public parks, we were commissioned to scope the existing knowledge and baseline data and produce a tight brief to work from.

Our review of more than 70 documents was an essential element of the scoping study, capturing all main research and reports on the UK’s parks since 1994. We identified and highlighted key issues and benefits from the literature, and reviewed current and emerging data which might inform the study. We also ran ongoing consultation with 30 key stakeholders, including Greenspace, Natural England and English Heritage, to win support and additional persuasive input.

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