Site assessment for public realm in east London.

Built to alleviate overcrowding, Thamesmead is characterised by high-density housing, accommodating 50,000 residents in distinct neighbourhoods linked by a network of waterways and publicly accessible open spaces.

As social landlords, Peabody is responsible for managing the public realm, funded through a service charge levied on residents and businesses. Peabody needed an independent assessment of its environmental liabilities and came to LUC for help.

Our objective evaluation, drawing on years of experience auditing and assessing site quality, and performed within a tight timescale, helped us to identify several important liabilities and obligations, including:

  • legal obligations relating to clearance of litter and fly-tipping, control of invasive species and pests, inspection of play areas and public liability insurance;
  • ecological liabilities and obligations, including guarding against negative impacts on statutory and non-statutory designated sites, protected species and habitats; and
  • liabilities and obligations relating to health and safety, access, infrastructure inspections, water quality and flood risk, contaminated land and traveller incursions.

By evaluating future costing, we’ve also helped Peabody forecast and plan the resources needed to fulfil its public realm obligations.

If you need help with site assessment, please contact Jon Grantham or John Adams.