Townscape assessment and design guidance for new urban developments

Understanding urban landscapes and design

We investigate and explain landscape context and sensitivities, advising local authorities and developers on changing the existing townscape, to improve scheme proposals and maximise chances of planning consent.

We believe that design and assessment work best when undertaken interactively, so our assessors and designers work together. Our expertise has contributed to the 3rd edition Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment and Routledge’s Methods of Environmental Impact Assessment.

Every town and proposal is different, each with its own implications and considerations. We’ve helped clients in all sectors develop successful schemes, from the Olympic white water canoe course to entire university campuses, and been entrusted with reviewing the work of our peers. We’ve even modelled the sky space around the Tower of London, producing a 3D tool that aims to protect the special character of this World Heritage Site.

As part of our townscape input, we also:

If you are looking for assistance with assessing townscapes, gaining planning permission in an urban context, protecting or managing heritage assets and views, or in discharging landscape and visual-related planning conditions, please contact Kate Ahern, Martin Tabor, Rebecca Knight or Diana Manson.