Navigating the land for major transport developments.

The effect of major transport projects on the environment is a contentious area. With experience in design, environmental impact assessment and mitigation solutions, as well as reviews and expert evidence for public local inquiry, examination and select committee, we’re known for our commitment to promoting beneficial, cost-effective and environmentally sound solutions.

The work we do reduces the potential for intrusion, severance and fragmentation created by major transport projects. Our input shapes positive, multifunctional connections, creating opportunities for environmental benefits.

We’ve worked on major rail and road schemes across visually, historically and ecologically sensitive landscapes, prepared design guides and conducted research, such as our Green Bridge Design Guide and Review of mitigation success on road and rail schemes for Natural England.

Protecting projects and the environment

The £3bn A9 Dualling project, to enlarge a spine road passing through some of Scotland’s most sensitive landscape and habitat features between Perth and Inverness, required careful consideration of the natural environment.

Our ecology team was involved as ecological clerk of works during ground investigations, to ensure sensitive environmental features were protected, while enabling important investigatory works against tight deadlines.

We’ve since been commissioned to collect baseline data relating to protected species in the project’s central section. Our reports will inform the developing Environmental Impact Assessment.

For expert input into mitigating the effects of any major linear transport scheme, please contact Kate Ahern, Nick Hilton, Steve Jackson-Matthews, Sam Oxley, Martin Tabor or Diana Manson.