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Strategic Planning & Assessment


Scottish Marine Recreation and Tourism Survey

Coastal and marine environments afford a huge range of opportunities for recreational activities; but our seas are also a major economic resource, supporting an array of industries and communities nationwide.  Balancing the competing demands of nature, economic development and tourism is complex, and a key function of the Marine Planning system introduced by the Marine [...]

Seascape Character Assessment

How do you assess the character and importance of our coastline and seas? We’ve been pioneering seascape character assessment (SCA) methods for the past five years, applying the principles of landscape character assessment to offshore and coastal areas. We piloted the first local SCA in Wales, which subsequently informed our work to characterise the Dover [...]

Landscape Sensitivity and Capacity Studies

Assessing landscape sensitivity and capacity for future development. LUC has long been at the forefront of assessing landscape sensitivity and capacity. We prepare guidance and carry out feasibility and sensitivity studies for all types of developments, including on and offshore renewables, minerals and landfill, housing and urban extensions. Our commitment to honest, incisive exploration of [...]

Landscape Character Assessment

The first step in understanding your area. Assessing the existing character of the landscape is an important first step in managing change. Our expertise extends from the 1980s, when we were involved in developing the technique of landscape character assessment (LCA) as the foundations for the Countryside Commission’s first guidance. Since then, we have revised [...]

Habitat Regulations Assessment of Local Plans

Habitat regulations assessments and mitigating risk. We’re proud of our track record with plan-level habitat regulations assessments (HRAs). In Scotland, we’ve assessed documents such as forest and woodland strategies, and developed a spatial tool to help the Scottish Government assess the implications of proposals for the third National Planning Framework. A recent example of our [...]

Planning & Assessment for Housing & Mixed Use

Getting the best outcome for housing and mixed-use development. We provide an integrated planning service that guides developers through policy and regulatory requirements, increases planning consent success rates, and shapes more imaginative, sustainable, and commercially viable schemes. Some of our successes Dunsfold Park is a mixed-use development of up to 3400 homes and supporting infrastructure in rural [...]

Sustainability Appraisal of Development Plans

Appraising the Sustainability of Development Plans. Sustainability Appraisals are a critical element of preparing a local plan. LUC provides expert advice on all aspects of Sustainability Appraisal and can provide bespoke training and critical friend support. We have undertaken over 70 Sustainability Appraisals (SAs) and Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs), with no legal challenges to date. [...]

Renewables Capacity Studies and Policy Development

Maximising renewable energy potential. We’re one of the UK’s leading experts in helping identify potentially suitable areas for renewable energy, assessing resource and capacity using GIS, and the environmental effects of onshore and offshore renewable energy developments. We helped prepare the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s Renewable and Low Carbon Capacity Methodology, as referred [...]

Waste Planning

Proper planning for waste management With demanding targets for recycling, reduced capacity for landfill, changes in national policy and near-inevitable local opposition to waste disposal sites, waste planning is a logistically and diplomatically challenging task for local authorities. We’ve been retained by a number of waste planning authorities to estimate future waste capacity requirements, identify [...]

Green Belt Reviews

The need for up-to-date local plans, combined with the housing growth agenda and government reinforcement of Green Belt policy, means local authorities are actively reviewing their green belts. Our involvement in Green Belt policy development and review is unparalleled. In 1993 we undertook a Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) study for the London [...]