Our Principal GIS Consultant Edith Lendak presented a sample of our work at ESRI’s ‘GIS for Housing’ conference on the 19th of September.

The event provided an excellent insight into the ways GIS has been embraced by the housing sector, including Housing Associations and Property Management companies. The presentations revolved around smart use of existing information and data to achieve better utilisation of field staff time, focusing resources at hot-spot areas and making better decisions about asset management. It highlighted the importance of transforming business by Data Science.

Edith’s presentation provided an insight into a number of housing related projects for which we have made extensive use of GIS at LUC, including Growth Options Assessment, Sustainability Appraisal, Green Belt and Green Infrastructure Assessment. She described how smart analysis can make it simpler to interpret complex data and the value our in-depth field surveys add to our understanding of key project issues.

The event was held at the Barbican Centre which is always an excellent place to visit with its maze-like structure, indoor “jungle” and delicious food!

Some of the key presentations, including Edith’s, can be viewed on the events page.