Landscape Training for Natural England

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LUC regularly provides training to Natural England on Landscape Planning related issues. We recently provided training in relation to Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) and landscape sensitivity/capacity assessment. Previous training covered topics such as how to assess the impact of wind energy development on the landscape, and how to deal with cumulative effects.

The LVIA training aimed to help advance Natural England staff’s understanding of the LVIA process and how to effectively review and critique LVIAs. The training focused on matters such as setting issues related to designated landscapes, assessment of cumulative effects, how to mitigate effectively and how to use photographs and photomontages in LVIAs.

The sensitivity and capacity training aimed to enable Natural England staff to judge if a landscape sensitivity or capacity study is fit for purpose and whether the landscape evidence provided as part of a local plan is adequate.  The training was well received, with one of the trainees saying “I found the training really helpful. I have had no experience of sensitivity and capacity assessments but by the end of the afternoon I felt more comfortable with the topic.  I found the case studies very helpful and as ever the exercises were very instructive”.

LUC has also provided training to developers, the Environment Agency and the Planning Inspectorate.

Services employed: Landscape Planning & Assessment

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