National Seascape Character Assessment for Wales

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LUC has pioneered approaches to Seascape Character Assessment at a variety of scales, taking the principles of landscape character assessment to coastal and offshore areas.

Working for Natural Resources Wales, we produced a national classification of 29 Marine Character Areas (MCA) for Wales’ inshore waters. This study presented evidence on ‘seascape’ for the forthcoming Welsh National Marine Plan, comprising detailed descriptions and an analysis of land-sea views for each MCA. View the study

LUC has also supported the Marine Management Organisation in England to produce seascape evidence for marine planning. Consistent with our approach in Wales, we identified a framework of ‘Marine Character Areas’ for England’s inshore and offshore waters representing areas of unique character across the marine and coastal environment. Our approach, first pioneered in the South of England, was ‘Highly Commended’ by the Landscape Institute.

At a local scale, LUC completed a full assessment for the Dover Strait in 2015, covering both English and French territorial waters and coastlines. The study provides evidence for the Dover Strait Implementation Plan and is drawn upon by local authorities to help inform decision-making. The evidence is also being used to explore the designation potential of the Strait in recognition of its outstanding natural, cultural and socio-economic importance.

Our award-winning Landscape, Seascape and Sensitivity Assessment for Plymouth is one of the first examples of a truly integrated landscape and seascape study in the UK. The results inform the landscape policies and site allocations in the emerging Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan.

Our unique experience and independent standpoint means that we’re often called upon by national and local decision-makers to provide advice to aid decisions on coastal and offshore developments.

More about our SCA work here

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