LUC has advised The Royal Parks on planning, landscape design, landscape management and ecology for over 40 years. We contribute everything from ecology surveys and enhancement strategies to planning advice and design on development proposals.

We know their 2,000 hectares of historic parkland as well as anyone, and understand the challenges they face in protecting and enhancing these spaces for future generations. We have worked on all of London’s eight Royal Parks, as well as Victoria Tower Gardens, Brompton Cemetery and Grosvenor Square.

Our landscape specialists have designed and overseen the implementation of numerous commissions including:

  • The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial playground, Kensington Gardens
  • Design and implementation of the Tamsin Trail, Richmond Park
  • Restoration of Grosvenor Square, including September 11th Memorial Garden
  • Event landscape management and infrastructure of Parade Grounds, Hyde Park
  • Mitigation of Olympics Greenwich Park
  • Isabella Plantation Access Improvement Project

Our ecologists provide protected species surveys, in particular for bats, to inform The Royal Parks’ building renovation and redevelopment projects, and carry out vegetation surveys to inform habitat management.

Services employed: Landscape Design, Landscape Management, Ecology, Development Planning

To find out more about nurturing areas of historic or environmental interest, please contact Jennette Emery-Wallis