Local Plan strategy development, strategic options appraisal, evidence studies and policy formulation are key parts of our work.

We also help developers and landowners with planning strategies, site specific proposals and planning applications. Our areas of expertise include planning for housing and mixed use, employment land, Green Belts, waste management, minerals, open space, forestry, green infrastructure, renewable energy and social infrastructure.

Our complementary Sustainability Appraisal/SEA and HRA services have helped more than 70 local authorities to prepare sound plans, with no legal challenges to date. Through these and other services, we are supporting local authorities as they plan in the context of the climate emergency.

Strategic Planning & Assessment Services

  • Local Plan evidence studies and policy formulation
  • Growth options studies
  • Policy and site assessments
  • SEA/Sustainability Appraisal
  • Habitats Regulations Assessment
  • Heritage Impact Assessment
  • Green Belt studies
  • Neighbourhood Planning
  • Public examination expert witness

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To talk to us about Strategic Planning & Assessment please contact Sarah Young